A vast number or reasons lead millions of tourists to Prague every year, and some of them are certainly:
  • the beauty of the historical centre, part of the UNESCO heritage list;
  • the Wenceslas Square, one of the main squares of the Capital;
  • Josefov, the famous Jewish Quarter that survived the Nazi invasion during World War II;
  • majestic gothic churches, medieval towers, romantic narrow lanes;
  • a true masterpiece like Charles Bridge, decorated with beautiful statues;
  • the famous bars, full of life and legendary Pils beers.
Prague Aparthotel and Jashita Hotel Prague are ready to welcome you: apartments in Prague city centre, they can both impress you with their overall feeling of quality, and even though they have a different personality, their style is just the same.

Located in very central areas of the city near the train station, Prague Aparthotel and Jashita Hotel Prague have amazing apartments that will make you feel in a daydream: the palaces they are part of are very interesting buildings themselves, but the rooms are even better as they are fully furnished with care and attention.

Furthermore, they are city centre Prague hotels fitted with every modern comfort - from a wireless internet connection - and at the same time their beds and furniture give a classic feeling of impeccable interior design: something very hard to find anywhere else. Finally, isn’t it a big advantage to be able to get out of the door of your apartment and just walk to the main sights of Prague, getting there in only a few minutes? We do think it is, and we are sure you agree with us…

Should you have any requests, please feel free to contact us